A few words about us

First, I started in the mining industry because my father was in the mining industry. According to my memory, that period was after 1977. At that time, I also used to go with my father for a few hours after school to the event where he worked in the mines.

The origin of my interest in the gem industry

That is, we lived in the beautiful village of Hasalaka Pahala Meegolla, which is located at one end of the Kandy district. I went to school at CP/TEL/Udawela Bandaranayaka Secondary School and spent every evening at the event where my father worked in the mines. There, I help my father to collect “illam”. And I also look forward to the occasions when father breaks “Illam”, washes “Illam” and looks at the “Nambu”. Even today, I remember with great joy how I took in my hands the gems like “Blue Sapphire”, “Flower pollen”, “Geuda” and “Milk arunool” that father obtained after examining “Nambu”. That is the origin of my interest in the gem industry. Since then, after school, my attention to gems increased and I turned to that industry. I remember that there was no price for “Geuda” at that time. At that time, I remember how my father kept some home gems from the mines in a beautiful place at home. But I feel that after the technology of “Geuda” baking came, the “Geuda” was converted into Blue Sapphire and started to be priced.

Started buying and selling gems

Over time, I started buying and selling gems. I went to mining markets located in remote areas like Okkampitiya, Alahera, Bibila, Lunugala, Nawalapitiya and bought gems and sold them to merchants who bought gems on a large scale in areas like Beruwala, Matale, Ratnapura. . I am very happy to inform you that after that I turned to the foreign market. But during the last covid epidemic, this gem business was hampered. But now the opportunity to apply gem business has turned to online mode. I am very happy to inform you that today I have established a company called NR UPALI HOLDINGS (PVT)LTD and started a business related to Gems and Quartz and presented them to the foreign market and presented them through this website.

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